Oz Marina 2015

Marina Owners

Past and Present

Tasmania Owner

Tasmanian Marina

Western Australia Owners

Rebuild of WA car Jame's Marina Sedan Anna's Marina Sedan

Queensland Owners

Mick on Bribie Island Carles TC and Nomad - Brisbane 1972 Morris Marina Gold NotThatMarinaMan Tabetha Marina
Darrens vault of old photos Peter B six coupe Darren's new Wagon Six Super Deluxe Coupe forsale Suntour Marina
Jack's Marina The Animal Graham @ Sandgate Jamies TC Six Project V8
Yowee's Morris Marina David Noosa Yowee's tales in fixing a Marina Paddy - Engine conversion John Toowoomba
Clyde's daughter Marina NotThatMarinaMan up date May 2013 Ex Peter Bond Car Striped Old ladies Car (red marina) Brendon project

South Australian Owners

Robs TC Marina

Victorian Owners

Ebay 4 door Super 6 Marina 4 door Super 6 Marina Conrad Ex Wagga- 1750 One owner 'Bitter Apricot' Six

New South Wales & ACT Owners

Maroubra Ebay Ivan's Marina at Central NSW Nesbit's family car 1973 Hairy Lime Marina Oberon NSW Marina Ebay Manly

ACT Owners

Leyland Super 4 Sold to "Tony Canberra" Tony Canberra Super 4

New Zealand Owners

Kilroy April Tawamutu Show 2011 Locost Bryan

United Kingdom

UK Marina
Marina Link UK
Fast Marina Magazine - Racing Marinas
Peters Collections of Marinas in the UK
Nick Redman in UK
Stacy UK 'her cars'
Lightfoot in UK


Restoration of Ice Cream Van - Jan
Australia to
North Cape Norway
Jan Marina
collectionin Norway
Jan-Ivar lastest car form Canada
White Six Marina Deluxe Norway

Spain and South Africa

Oscar in Spain
Eddie looking for windscreen for clients Marina


Finland Marina Community

Canada and USA

Skip USA
North American Marina models

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