Oz Marina 2003

Tabetha and her marina

Car sold Jeff Bloom 2009 and Now resides in Gosford area

Bertie and his New clothes

Tabitha has had to change the body due to problems. So Bertie has gone from 4 doors to 2 doors.
Tabetha has given Bertie a great red shade with metal flake.

Lefthand side of the Marina
My Marina - a year ago, I wrote off my car (a Ford Meteor). I have always loved English cars, so I went looking for something a bit different to replace it with.
I ended up buying a 1953 Morris Oxford - in beautiful condition, but needing some minor repairs. The minor repairs turned into a cracked chassis rail requiring *major* work, leaving me still without transport.
The man who was repairing the Oxford for me had a 1974 Marina for sale - his father used to own it, but he took it off him, as he was getting a bit too old to drive, and had had his licence revoked.
It was running, it had no rust, so we figured for $500 we couldn't go wrong. After the first drive, I was hooked. It is a surprisingly powerful small car, and (mostly) handles well.
Interior of the car
Apart from a disreputable looking paint job, and its current need for a re-ring, I'm really happy with it. It has been a great day-to-day car, and seems to take a lot of punishment (took me a while to figure out the radiator filler assembly...)
  • 1974 Leyland Marina Super Deluxe
  • 2623cc 6 cylinder OHC engine, 3-speed floor shift
  • Colour - Exterior : white (what's left of it) Interior : brown
  • Condition - looks worse than it is
  • Top speed - Unknown. Cruises quite happily at 140 km/h (not that I would ever do anything like that )

Some info on Head bolt tensioning.
  • Head settings for Marina 6 are: Cam carrier 27nm or 20 of those english things.
  • Cylinder Head: 81.5nm or 60 of the other lbs things.

Hope this is informative enough - if there's anything else you want to know, drop me a line.
Cheers, Tabetha


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