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Subject: Just bought a marina coupe
Hi, my name is mick, i live on bribie island and am a qualified mechanic, my reason for e-mailing you is that i just bought myself a little project in the shape of a very solid '73 marina coupe, i am in no hurry to get it finished (havent started yet) but i would like to know about getting spares for the car, as i said, i havent started yet so i don't know what i'm going to need, at this point i'm just looking for contacts when i need them, any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated, hope to hear from you soon,
Sun, 9 Sep 2007
Hello Mick,
Great to hear from you.
The leyland P76 Owners Club of Qld would be able to assist with technical assistance and some of the commonly used parts.
In the club we have a number of Marina owners.
I am the president, have had Marina's and look after the web site.
I would be pleased to assist with any information and pass on any requests >in the future for equipment.
Would I be able to ring you or maybe you could ring me after hours 33140058 or 0414383503.
Look forward to talking to you soon.
Love to get some photos and indentification off your car for the web site please?
Hi Adrian, i was glad to hear from you so soon, i am keen to get some pics and info on the site about the car, i will very likely join the club in the near future.
I have attatched some pics of the car that were taken with my mobile phone so the quality is not the best, i will take photos on the weekend with digital camera and get some numbers off of it for you, now i can tell you it is a 4cyl automatic coupe, i saved it from the scrap yard.
An aquaintance of mine has a tow truck and was called to dispose of it, i saw it on the truck and had to have it, nostalgia had a lot to do with it as my dad had a 74 6cyl manual coupe in 1976 when i was 8, the other thing that sticks in my mind is that in 1990 i worked for a guy called Bill Wilhelm in Wollongong NSW who had a coupe fitted with a p76 v8, and i absolutely loved it, so did he, i worked for him for only 4 or 5 months and in that time he spent over 12k on it , the mods that time included vl commodore turbo disc brake diff, the biggest cross drilled commodore discs in the front with nissan 300zx 4 spot callipers and a set of 17" hsv wheels (huge in 1990) the car had a longer wheel base, cortina crossmember, and was re complianced as an individually constructed vehicle in early 1990, it therefore had to comply to 1990 regs, ie: eye level stop light, intrusion bars in doors, unleaded fuel filler neck etc etc, the last time i saw it it was featured in street machine magazine and was running an injected aluminium 350 chev!
I have the mag somewhere, when i find it, i'll scan it and send it to you, anyway back to my marina.
I negotiated whith the man and three cartons of fosters light ice later i was the proud owner of said marina, the body is very solid (minor rust) the motor has a pretty omious death knock in it but it still runs, the transmission seems good, as far as i know it was owned by the same old guy from new and he parked it about 18 months ago when the motor started knocking.
Anyway, i'll talk to you soon,
my mobile number is
0417 751 810, bye for now....

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