Oz Marina 2010

Leyland 4

Clydes daughte's Car

Hi Adrian,
Got this one 3 years ago - rescued from going to the tip. Had new:
tyres and water pump.
Starts right up every time and runs quietly.
I am preparing it for my oldest daughter - she has her learners - and
she wanted a 'classic' manual to get her hours up. It will get a
respray - I am removing the outer trim strips (rust gathering areas).
The only rust was in the pax side floor - I have spot welded in a new
panel to be welded soon. Replaced all the hoses save the water pump
hoses - look to be odd sizes - one larger than the other. Will get
resprayed inside floor also after welding followed by new carpet and
underlay. I recovered the rear/back seat cushion - to match the
original - not too bad if I may say so.
Not a bad Marina - very little rust other than the floor. ( I have
blocked off the air intake and other areas where the water was getting
in - so far - no more leaking).
Need a grille - preferably a 6 cylinder type - I understand they are
getting scarce - but if anyone has one reasonable - let me know.
Thanks goes to John Olde up in Toowoomba for helping me out on the
speedo. I managed to get a working speedo/lights/gauges out of the
Cheers, Clyde

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