Oz Marina 2005

Yowee the Loveable

Morris Marina 1972

The car was purchased from Peter at Warner on the 23rd May, 2003. Thanks to Rogos for the use of his car trailer. Peter and I load the car by driving it onto the trailer. Very easy. The trip from Warner to Sandgate was slow and steady.

Pre-purchase Photos

Right side with damaged door
right side and back showing the scratch and damage to boot
front and right side
right doors with damaged window winders
rear left hand side with the dint near rear taillight
damage to back corner and bumper bar
open boot

left door and broken window winder
Left side back door
Damage on front left wheel arch
front and engine bay
Front grill and engine bay
front carpet in good condition
engine bay
left side dash broken air vent
Centre of dash with car radio and cassette
Back window
rear back seat and door
rear underneath
Compliance plate
In October 1999 Peter from Brisbane, bought a 1972 Morris Marina from an 82 year old lady from Nango central Queensland who had only travelled 34,000 miles in the car.
When I sold the car to Adrian it had done approx 65,000 miles.
The engine is in great condition. The body is good, but has a couple of dents and the wing mirrors are missing.
The wiring is shot - only the lights work. The indicators only work when they want to and the odometer has stopped working at 63,000 miles.
I have had work done to the car which showed the mileage at the time of the work.
Good luck with the car Yowee,

Independent inspection of the car by Yowee

I have had a quick inspection of the car and beleive it is what Peter indicates.

Things that I found wrong with the car

  1. damage to front right door (beleived to be pushed in by a Kangeroo)
  2. damage to rear right corner and bumper bar of car and paint fade
  3. damage to the left front mudguard
  4. damage to rear left side around tail light (light broken)
  5. Front grill slight damaged
  6. scratched paint on right rear quarter and broken grill (plastic)
  7. rust spot under front window left side
  8. Engine bay and motor oily
  9. Wiper motor missing (in the boot)
  10. Indicator and wiper controls broken
  11. Front seats rubber straping colasped
  12. Left hand air vent may be broken
  13. All the window winders broken
  14. Missing outside mirrors
  15. Latch on the quarter vents broken

The car interior is in good condition, under the carpets there is no sign of rust, and all doors open and close correctly. The motor started well and was running rich. the engine was covered in a film of oil. I was able to drive the car around the yard. Steering seemed to be good and no rattles in front end. Tyres are good. Clutch pedal is very light. The underneath was also in good condition.
Overall the car is honest and the paint reasonable.

Yowee's work in progress from the 23rd May, 2003

The car arrived in my driveway on Friday night. The street echoed with clanging metallic sounds as I positioned the metal ramps. The car did not start so I had to man handle the car down the ramps. When Jenny my wife arrived back, I had Jenny steering the car into the driveway to it current position.
I have started on some of the problems that I recorded earlier to been fixed.
  1. Removed the interior carpets as they were very dramp and smeelly.
  2. Pushed out the driverside door where Peter indicated that a Kangeroo had run into the door.
  3. Cleaned the engine
  4. Removed the battery and started cleaning around the battery well. Charged the battery.
  5. Removed the parcel shelf from under the dash and replaced the vent pipes for the window demister
  6. Workd out a fix for the window winders using the P76 handles
  7. Gave the car a wash and cleaned the inside of the boot.
  8. Picked up a new bumper bar for the rear

Yowee's work in progress from June to October, 2003

Bent tie rods.

Added the power assist booster to the car. A vast improvemnet with the braking.

All British Day (Sept, 2003)

I have now changed the rear springs with the heavy duty one from the other yellow marina. I need to have a wheel alignment done.
The car is now in Toowoomba with Ray (2009)
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