Oz Marina 2011

John Toowoomba

May 2012

P76 being wrecked - the P76 is very rusted

March, 2011

Country Cream Morris Marina

Feb, 2011

John is using his access to many different cars to do very interesting things with his Marina.
His Marina in a Leyland 1750cc Marina sedan, which john has adaptered some new items to the car.
It will look great when he gets it onto the road.

New grill using the Datsun ute grill and Tarago nudge bar and notice the Marina logo in the grill and square headlights

Notice what he has done to the rear grill, taken bonnet scopes from Supacheap and grafted them onto the car. Try buying the real things (very expensive)

Notice the layout of the gauges came like that.

John had to change the gear lever as being a big man the position was all wrong. The seats are from a Mazda, but is going to put in Honda ones. I actually sat in the car and the stick is really quite good and the Mazda seats are quite comfortable.

John has been playing with the carburter and has said that it work great , plenty of power to smoke the rear wheels. You will notice another carby that John thinks will work with the Leyland Six motor. While I was there he measured up my P76 Six.

He has also changed the booster and piping for the brakes by using a Pulser brake booster and master cylinder. This gives you a dual system.
John has also been looking to do all sorts of other things as well, bussy mind.
If you like to email John he always interested in talking cars also Hillmans too, so try him.

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