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May 2013

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On the Marina front - as we have moved close to the beach - and thus surf induced salt air - the cars have begun to rust at an alarming rate. They live in the open as there simply is not enough garage space for 9 cars. Especially as the garage is housing 5 old British Motorcycles. Subsequently I am selling off a few Marinas. Two have already gone, two will be wrecked, and I am trying to decide which others I can bear to part with. It's a total shit - but there is no point in letting them deteriorate when somebody else could save them. The level of interest in Marinas over here has risen sharply in the last year and seems destined to continue. I sold a non-roadworthy Mk3 saloon for $1000 a month ago. It cost me $200 8 years ago, and I have had quite a lot of use from it. Guess I have just been paid $100 per year for owning it.!

Nov, 2011

Ahoy people.
This is just a heads-up regarding my single-handed attempt to rescue Morris Marinas in New Zealand.
I started collecting by accident - then had people start giving me the things..!
I have subsequently tended to favour the MkII models - especially the 1695cc 'O' series powered units, although I currently have a few pushrod units too.
Here are a few pics and a link to the article on my first Marina project.
Cheers all,

Hey Dudes.. :-)
Thankyou for placing a link to my article on your website.
Hands across the water and all that.
Actually - I have a new link that is more deserving of your attention - I hope. This is an account of all my Marinas and their history. It is going to be a work-in-progress, as I keep adding to the collection..!
Go here;
My new web site
I have been experiencing a sudden abundance of contacts to do with Leyland products here - from Princesses to associated Rover/Triumph stuff. I had not previously appreciated just how interwoven the mechanical offerings were in that era.
I have also just today met a fellow with 9 Marina Coupes..!!
Mostly they are Australian models, but he also has a LHD unit from Holland, plus an ex-UK rally car.
Just amazing what turns up once you get on the right channel..!!
Keep on keeping on..!!

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