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I have just bought a reasonable condition, very original 169,000 km (first registered in 1975) Super Deluxe 1750 cc Sedan.
It is a sort of pea-green with beige vinyl interior (in very good condition)
It was owned up until yesterday by a friend's parents, from new, and obsessively maintained, and always garaged.
(I have the full service history AND petrol log.)
It has suffered understandable deterioration in a few areas - leading to some for the following questions.
I have had a bit of time to get to know it as I drove it from Wagga Wagga to Melbourne yesterday and took it out into the hills for a while today.
1 - any idea were I could get a windscreen from? I will need one to get through the rego, before the end of June. This one has some significant stone chips and will not get through Victorian rego as is.
Contact the Victorian P76 Club for information
2 - Any idea what the colour is called? (Pic attached)
The colour is Spanish Olive (a light green)
3 - I think the diff may be whining - any idea where to get a 'new' one?
4 - I suspect the suspension needs a complete overhall, one of the wheels is slightly bent and the tyres are dangerously non-sticky. The car floats about like a river boat, especially once it has got up to about 100kph.
5 - I'd like to raise the wheel size to 14" - is there a standard technical way of referring to the hub/stud pattern and size so that when I ring wheel/tyre people they know what I am talking about?
6 - Synchro on 3rd is a bit dodgy, especially before the gearbox warms up. Is this normal or something I should try to fix?
Many thanks - hope I am not intruding - I understand that Marina owners like to share the pain, so I thought I'd get in touch.
For all the other problem may I suggest you join the local State Leyland P76 club

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