Oz Marina 2010

Oscar in Spain


What a top job

Oscar has put and Australian grill into his car .
The grill came from Darren Brisbane.

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 23:13:56 +0000
From: eoioscar@yahoo.es
Subject: my marina
To: notthatmarinaman@hotmail.com
CC: eoioscar@yahoo.es
hi there Darren.
I saw the photos of the grille, and it seems to be ok, looks good at least.
I would like to buy it, and i understand that it is pretty heavy and big, so postage bills may even be enormous!!! let me know how much it will work out so that i can pay you via bank transfer or whatever.
I hope it fits the marina i have, and i'm sending you some photos, to see what you think, considering you are an expert in these cars.
I bought it a couple of months ago, definitely the only marina in spain, and the licence plate corresponds to november 1979, although i think its from before. what do you think of the condition of the car, just by looking at the photos? The orange car is what i plan the car to look like after paintjob and such. I have even included a photo of my mums car way back in 1974, So i hope the grille will fit and certainly make the car look nicer and more familiar.
what do you think. by the way, anything weird in these cars that i should look out for?
Ok mate, thanx for reading and sorry to take up your time...let me know asap the postage and item price so that i can pay for it...oh yeah, the lights as well. thanx and hope family is ok.
bye for now,

Oscars Mum car in Sydney

Car that oscar would like

Ryans car

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