Oz Marina 2008

Australia to North Cape Norway

Norsmen Epic adventure by Jan

Episode # 1, June 2008

I thought i would stick my neck out and write a bit, even if not all is prepared yet.
I'm planning to take my Marina 6 to North Cape this year.
Celebrating the newly aquired Norwegian license plates would try to make a online diary here and on a UK forum for marinas.
There is still one month before I leave, but i'm being tied up with work all month long so I wouldn't have enough time to go through the car properly.
Still I wil try to do some kind of preparations before filling it up with the family and all of the usual vacation stuff.
What really set things off was Adrian who VERY VERY kindly sent me 2 oil-filters as they are not obtainable in Norway.
BIG BIG thanks to you mate .
As the trip is about 2400 km each way I was planning on one oil change before departure and one midways somewhere.
Waiting for the filters I thought that I should take the car out of the barn and wake it from it's winter-sleep. Startet up quite quick and took her for a spin.
It soon became evident that the LH brake caliper was sticking .
So I limped home and got underways.
My hope was that the marina 6 caliper would be the same type as the european ones as I had one LH nos one - but as you can see on the picture i wasn't in luck (all pictures will be in the photos dep)

Brake pads and the caliper itself are much bigger.
The bolt-spacing on the caliper however was the same so I thought I would give it a go and just make a new brake pipe.
But then it turned out that the marina6 have 13mm disc, compared to the european ones at about 10mm.

So i decided to take them both off and take them to my local brake- specialist on monday.
If we get lucky we'll find something that fits While at it i greased up all trunnions and packed the wheel bearings with new grease. Also changed both track-rod ends - these were the same as the european ones. So the car will go in for a wheel alignment as soon as the brakes is back on.

Then it was time to do something less dirty . After a round of hand- cleaner I turned my attention to detalis like this metal sign which will be stuck on the rear quarter-window.

And i also think that every australian car should have one of these sun-shades so i got one from Australia this winter.

Will keep you posted on the progress getting the car ready for its big trip

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