Oz Marina 2017

Power V8

A project car by "Not That Marina Man"


Daren has been working on and off on the project for many years.
The following photos are in the last couple of years.


August 2009 - Gear box fitted into the car to check the positioning.

You will notice that he has done quite a lot of bracing to the body as seen in the photos below.
Notthatmarinaman is working on the strut brace as well as preparing to paint the engine bay and also making the brackets to mount the twin sway bar on the front.
Notthatmarinaman has decided to go for the 4.8 ltr motor, Haltec fuel injection system and has not decided which way to go with the water pump and cooling system.
Notthatmarinaman is looking forward at re installing the motor to check air flow, and designing the exhaust system too. Templates are made for both front and rear shocks.

Body work update May 2009

Body work


Darren has also been going around the bulk head welding up the seams to tighten the car.

Notice the Targa 14 inch mags. Darren has put Holden Commodore blank hubs (drilled for the stud pattern required ) and disk brakes on the front as well as LSD and Ford disk brakes on the back.

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