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The Morris Marina were manufactured by Leyland Australia from 1971 to 1972.
This version was manufactured at Zetland as an interium model car based on the British Marina.
The early cars were only available in 4 cylinder models with a 1500 and 1750 cc OHC engine version.
Morris Marina coupe

Continual reworked by Leyland Australia, for Australian conditions, produced the Leyland Marina.
When Leyland Australia finished they had built a six cylinder 2623cc OHC powered production car as well as continuing with the 4 cylinder 1750 cc OHC engine range.
Leyland was also looking at putting in a V6 engine based on the V8 used in the P76.

Leyland Australia Six engine bay
Engine bay of the Australian Marina Six

Leyland Australia was experimenting with a V6 Marina 3.3 ltr which
is beleived to be still on the road and V8 4.4 ltr version for Bathurst 1975 Hardie 1000 series.
The production six cylinder was raced at Bathurst in 1974 and as a standard machine was able to push the Holden Toranas and Ford Cortinas of that era.

Magazine articles

To see a Modern Motors article on Australia Marina TC model.

European and Americas

Production spoilers

British Morris Marina with production Kit
Sports Car World April 1975 page 39 British Leyland showed a Marina TC fitted with front and rear aerodynamic aids which, the company clams , reduce drag by 14 percent and give a 10 percent fuel saving.
Testing was done in the wind tunnel of MIRA 's establishment.

SVR2 Marina

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